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Adult Painting Parties

Sip N Dip – The Ultimate in Adult Painting Parties

Welcome to Sip N Dip Painting Parties – where fun and creativity are our top priority!

Angelina Jegede, a speed painter, founded Sip N Dip in 2016 after she was asked to lead a fundraising event that raised more than $25K in its first year alone. Since the first of our adult painting parties, Sip N Dip has successfully partnered with Buffalo Wild Wings to offer Sip N Dip’s painting parties in several Buffalo Wild Wings locations across multiple states. So far we have grown to include locations in Cumberland, Maryland, and Morgantown or Bridgeport, West Virginia

Looking ahead, we are working on offering Sip N Dip’s Painting Parties in Ohio and many other states.

Experience Sip N Dip’s ultimate paint and sip today! 

Are you ready for a night of painting fun, friends, and creativity? Sip N Dip’s painting parties offer painting fans of all ages the opportunity to laugh and create.

Our adult painting parties are designed to offer a great time, with music, beverages & great food. Our instructors are there to guide your imagination as it finds its creative groove.

Check out our available events in these Buffalo Wild Wings locations –


Tickets are $40.00 and include all necessary painting supplies and a large canvas (16” x 20”). 

Our paint and sip painting parties are available to anyone who wants to be creative, although adults over 21 receive a free mystery drink.

Have a question for Angelina? Please reach out to Sip N Dip Painting Parties by email, telephone (1-814—SIPNDIP), or online.  Our refund policy can be found online.

Find us on Instagram or Facebook to find out what people are saying about Sip N Dip Painting Parties.

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