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About Us

Meet the Founder 

Angelina Glotfelty
Lead Instructional Artist

"Art is the journey of a free soul. Music is a piece of art that goes in through the ears and straight to the heart."

Angelina began her art legacy at a young age of 12, being taught and mentored by her grandma Carolyn Shepard from Aurora, WV, who is an astounding Mural and Portrait Artist among other various other artistic talents. As you can see in the picture above she is holding one of her very first stepping stones that she created over 20 years ago with her grandma. Angelina holds a degree in Graphic Arts and Web Design and has many different irons in the fire when it comes to art, but her most truly valued and distinguishing talent as an artist has become speed painting, It is now one of her most well known passions, Angelina's Sip N Dip Trio's will astound you; these events are a must see and do!

Now that Sip n Dip has started to blossom, Angelina is traveling the country spreading her joy for art/entertainment continuing to bless lives everywhere she goes, and helping as many people as she can along the way with her talents. 

Sip N Dip now offers a wide range of art encounters/experiences to choose from including:

Sip N Dip Trio,

Private Sip N Dips

Dirty Acrylic Pouring

Reverse Canvas

Paint Your Pet

Mommy and Me

Stained Glass

Mixed Media

Themed Parties

Lighted Canvases

Black Light Paint Night

Psychic Paint Nights

Sip N Dip Fundraisers

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"There is nothing sweeter than the collision of ART and MUSIC!"