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Need a night off from taking life too seriously? Come and join us for some exciting, creative fun!

At Sip N Dip Painting Parties having a good time is our top priority. Our Founder, Angelina Jegede, is a speed painter with a passion for helping others and blessing lives.

Sip N Dip started back in 2016 when Angelina was requested to lead a paint n sip session at a fundraiser event. That party was all it took to lift this business off the ground. As word of mouth spread and more event organizers and private individuals gained interest, Sip N Dip was able to bless so many lives in more ways than one! Not only did it bring smiles to faces across the region, party after party...Sip N Dip was able to raise more than $25,000 for charities and families in need in the very first year. 

Today, as we continue to donate to causes in need, we are expanding our reach to bless as many lives as we can! Currently we have a growing relationship and partnership with national food chains such as Ruby Tuesdays in multiple states. We’re proud to say that our reach with Ruby Tuesdays continues to expand as we grow our amazing team! We also extend our services to other locations and venues outside of Ruby Tuesdays as we continue to grow. We would love to come check out your space and hook you up with a night your guests will never forget! Contact us today for more information at

What sets us apart from other painting parties is the atmosphere we create. This isn’t a stuffy wine gathering where you sit quietly, listening to a serious instructor.  Sip N Dip is jam packed full of fun, music, great food and beverages you’re going to be laughing, cheering, drinking (21 and up, of course) and having a great time with friends!

Our instructors are not interested in telling you how to make your masterpiece look like everyone else’s, because we believe you are unique and your art should be, too. Our mission is to merely guide you, but most importantly make sure you have a great time along the way. 


As we continue to grow our business, we are looking for more excited individuals to join our team. We are thrilled to be hiring on talented artists all the time. We look for people who have an upbeat attitude and a desire to help our customers find their hidden artistic talents while bringing joy to their hearts!!! 

If you’re ready for the Ultimate Paint Night Experience, sign up for an event near you and come check us out. You are sure to have a great night with an artist from our amazing team! We can’t wait to see what you create!!!

About Us

Angelina Jegede

Owner and Founder

“If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint,
then by all means paint
and that voice will be silenced.”

    -Vincent  Van Gogh

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